1st - 31st March 2014, Monday - Friday 10 - 5pm & Saturday 10 - 2pm

Supported by The Bridge Youth Service


  • Giving a voice to young people to creatively express themselves via film, photography, writing, art, multimedia, music and lots more through mentoring and inclusive involvement in community events. Events will pop up at random intervals during the festival.

  • Sponsored by: The Bridge Youth Service & Supported by Going Within To Get Out, ABC Open, Liz Arcus Photography

  • Exhibition was held at the corner of the Tower Arcade in the Mall

GET THE DREAM GOING | Our Art Exhibition Space!
19th March 5:30pm Opening 


  • GET THE DREAM GOING is a collaborative project that gives a chance to anyone and everyone between the ages of 12 - 25 to creatively express themselves via film, photography, poetry, multimedia, music and more.

  • Join us on Wednesday March 19 from 5.30 at our exhibition opening and performance in a unique space in the Shepparton Maude St Mall, Tower Arcade, open to the public and we want YOU and your friends to help us CELEBRATE.

  • Going Within To Get Out will exhibit creative writings, paintings, drawings/sketches, sculptures and anything else young people create to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences. 

  • Will from ABC Open will screen the show reel collaborated by the young people who participate in the interviewing process and exhibit photographs the young people photographed

  • Liz Arcus will exhibit her collection 'A Part Of Me - The Light Within' project


OPENING HOURS of the Get The Dream Going Youth Space

Open Monday to Friday 10-5pm and Saturdays 10 - 5pm from the 20th March until the end of the month. If you like playing music, making music, creating art, relaxing with friends; chilling out, reading, writing or anything else then this space is just for you! Feel free to pop your head in and see for yourself.

Get The Dream Going | Our Art Exhibition Space


  • The exhibition will run until March 31st open Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm. + Sat 29th March 10-2pm. Part of the SheppARTon Festival Big thanks and love from The Bridge Youth Service to the collaboration team - Going Within To Get Out, Will from ABC Open and Liz Arcus Photography ( A Part of Me - the Light Within Project - the new and old collection).

  • Young people will be jamming, creating arty stuff to either take home or hang on the walls. If you need someone where to relax and chill out with friends or get your creative juices going..this space is for you!

  • For more information please call Jamie at The Bridge on 5831 2390 or email or visit

FUN CREATIVE WRITING | About 'Dream Voices'
13th March | at the Art Exhibition Space | for GWTGO members & their friends


  • Do you like writing in your journal, or writing stories or writing poetry?


  • If you do or if you don't come and join us at the GET THE DREAM GOING art space to have fun expressing yourself through words about what DREAM VOICES mean to you with our local artist and poet SterioJo. 


  • If you would like to experience reading out your creative writings in front of an audience you can at the GET THE DREAM GOING art exhibition opening on the 19th March! We'll support you all the way!


  • Sponsored by The Bridge Youth Service and hosted by SterioJo, Going Within To Get Out and our group members!


  • Held at the Art Exhibition Space, Tower Arcade, Shepparton Mall (Maude St)

The Bridge Creative Tent | Emerge Festival
1st March at the Shepparton Lake


  • Dream Catchers: for young people, their friends and family to collectively create dream catchers using second hand materials we gathered from our local opportunity shops, our cupboards and odd bods around town. Works to be hung in the GET THE DREAM GOING art space


  • Lanterns: for young people to decorate lanterns with ribbons, streemers, buttons, fabrics and other seconds for fun and creative exploration


  • Collective Drawings: for young people to collectively draw or write about what their Dreams are on butcher paper with texters, charcoal and chalk pastels. Works to be hung in the GET THE DREAM GOING art space


The Bridge Creative Tent | Going Within To Get Out
Summer Market
21st & 22nd Feburary at the Shepparton Mall
  • Collective Drawings: for young people to collectively draw or write about what their Dreams are on butcher paper with texters, charcoal and chalk pastels


  • Collective Chalk Board Drawings: for young people to collectively draw or write about their Dreams on a chalk board. When the chalk baord is full the board is cleaned and the new Dreams begin!


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Going Within To Get Out

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