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Going Within To Get Out


Going Within To Get Out is a fun, creative and caring program designed to guide us on a creative journey to know ourselves better through friendship, support and inspiration. Currently there are programs running for young women between the ages of 12 - 15 and 16 - 20 yrs. We come together once a week (roughly twelve group sessions) for a few hours to talk and learn about topics such as, ‘Who am I?’ ‘What do I think and feel about myself?’ ‘Healthy relationships with myself and others?’ and ‘Living my dreams and helping others

live theirs’.


We enjoy making new friends, meeting new people, talking about the stuff that matters to us, eating food, sitting on couches or on the floor, overcoming fears and discovering new confidences and our own gifts and interests within ourselves and within one another.


The book

The graphic nature of the author’s journal and sheer honesty in the disclosures of her traumatic up bringing combined with the 12 year recovery reflections, the topics, the writing and sharing, creative and meditative exercises is very new and different; the 12 year recovery reflections, the topics, the writing and sharing, creative and meditative exercises is very new and different. There is something for everyone if they are open to the emotional experience whether it be compassion or empathy and this is why we believe it is universal.


Read more at www.goingwithintogetout.com


Will at ABC Open 
  • Giving young people the opportunity to learn how to interview and take photographs of other young people about their thoughts and feelings about what they dream about for their community.

  • Photographs will be exhibited in the GET THE DREAM GOING Art Exhibition 19th March 2014 in the Mall


Liz Arcus Photography | 'A Part of Me - The Light Within' Project
  • The aim of this project is to celebrate the youth. This is an ongoing social documentary portrait collection of young people in their bedrooms – photographed doing what they love to do . It is regionally based and embraces our diverse community. Each participant adds their hand written words to the photograph sharing what makes them feel happy. In addition to this and as part of this project participants who can play music are invited to play something they love at the opening celebration.


  • The first exhibition was held in 2011. Part 1 and 2 of this project is now exhibited at the GET THE DREAM GOING in the Shepparton Mall. 

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Going Within To Get Out

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